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August 30th, 2004

10:25 pm - Shameless self promotion
Ok so I started my own little Internet Radio Station, Mtunes. Due to bandwidth I only can have 10 people listen to it at once, but that should change soon.
I play full days of either my favorites, techno, punk, rock, pop, or good rap. I don't play the pop or good rap much, so it's mostly the first 4 genres. I don't play music while I'm sleeping because that's when I download more stuff :) So it's usually up from 6:30 A.M. EST to 11:00 P.M. EST 7 days a week.
Here's the link if you're interested.

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August 29th, 2004

08:40 pm - I haven't posted in a long time but I need to make this thought public
For a good part of the day today I've been trying to find good new music on any web site/magazine/program I could get my hands on. Ok so now I'm watching the MTV Video Music Awards right now because the Olympics is almost over. The VMAs are the reason I'm writing this post. I can't deal with all this shit being thrown at everyone. There's soooooo much better music out there than what's worshiped on this award show. There's people that write their own music, don't have dance routines, and that give everything they have on what ever stage they can get on that have more talent than 90% in this show. But all that's really allready known by a lot of people. The thing that really threw me over the edge is when I was watching the show, 3 decent bands, 1 that I've kinda followed from the beginning were all forced to play 1/3 of thier big hit single to make more time available for the huge amounts of rap/r&b/hip hop. Hoobastank (who I saw a couple years ago when they opened for Incubus), Jet, and Yellowcard all played 1/3 of their hit singles one after the other. That's such a blatent slap in the face to anyone to appreciates music.

It seems to me that even passive music fans want something other than what's shown on MTV and what's played on most of the radio stations available. It's frusterating to me that cds like the Now that's Music series have been as high as #1 on Billboard Music's sales chart and that MTV/VH1/BET all play the same music and people eat it all up. There seemingly isn't any need to deviate from what's given, even though IT'S ALL THE SAME.

Mainstream music changes every so often. Remember grunge? America really needs to change what they're listening to.

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April 6th, 2004

02:03 pm - Stumbled upon potential greatness
I found this community, more_awesomer, and I think it has potential for something that could be interesting. It's for opinions... X is more awesomer than Y kinda thing. It's cool because people really need to substantiate what they say which makes it good for discussion. Anywho, check it out yo.

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April 4th, 2004

09:48 pm - Jessie did so I will too
Name: Mike
Age: 22
Location: Awesomeville, USA
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Fave Band: Alkaline Trio... bitch
Fave Color: Light Green type thing
Fave Alcoholic Drink: Sam Adams Light, Shipyard Summer Ale, Sea Dog Blueberry Ale
What's a weird fear you have that no one else probably does?: Maybe I'll get sick after eating old pitachios.
What song are you listening to?: In Other Words by Ben Kweller
Best face wash/acne fighting product?: Dunno, never use it.
How loud do you sneeze?: Not very, the after sneeze is loud though.
Do you like your handwriting?: I have my moments.
Ugliest color you've ever seen?: That brown/puke color that the new Hondas have.
Does having matching socks matter to you?: Nope, just want a stink barrier between me and the world.
If you were in band, what would you call it?: Breast Penis.
Last time you were on a plane?: Last summer on a little tiny plane buzzing above Lincoln, ME
Have a digital camera?: Nope, Jessie does... so.. ya... I pretty much have a digital camera.
How big is your TV?: Big enough to keep me entertained from a moderate distance.
Have you ever heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000?: Ya, I was way into it back in the day.
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 2 for me and 2 for Jess, one eye poking feather one for each and a flat regular one.
sXe.. good or bad?: I've never been a fan of the straight edgers. Why do you have to be part of a ultra hip l33t group because you deprive yourself of fun stuff? Just sit in the corner, don't drink, smoke, or have sex and be emo.
Most annoying commercial ever?: The ones that mtv has with the skinny dude dancing around to non-music... they're just, but hey at least it's not another real world marathon.
Lamest pick-up line ever?: Do your feet stink? If not, that's my ghonorrea acting up because you're makin me moist.
Dumbest song ever?: Informer by Snow... the white CANADIAN rapper that tried to RAP with a Jamacian accent, terrible.
Worst way to die?: Being dry humped to death by a gaggle of cancer patients.
Who's the funniest comedian?: well stand up it's Ralph Harris, the guy's hilarious... but Dave Attell and Stephen Lynch are great also.
Ever been in a car accident?: Yup, snowstorm, couldn't see.
Ever had braces?: Nope, *smile* *gleem*
Do you know HTML?:<geek>Yup I do</geek>
What's the most useless class in school?: The ones that serve no practical purpose in anything.
Best Jones Soda flavor?: I don't remember, I haven't had it in a long time.
Something you collect?: Used to be sports cards of all kinds... now... it's... kisses. awww
Something you're allergic to?: I get hay fever in the spring.
Something you wish would die?: People from Central/Northern Maine acting as if they grew up in a city.
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Ben Kweller - In Other Words

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08:21 pm - Scary software
I remember back in the day when it was hard to get into someone's computer. You had to have some knowledge of tcp/ip, security flaws in different software and operating systems, ports... and things of that nature. Not today, now you can download P2P Share Spy by RebrandSoftware.

What the software does is loads how ever many packet sniffers you want to whatever ip address(s) you want to see if there's any available option to get "shared" files. That would mean any shared folder on your network/computer. Right now I have it scanning a huge span of IP's, and have 20 sniffers going. It's been going for a couple hours and here are the stats:

IP's Sniffed: 13088
Shares Found: 0
Computers Found: 3307
Computers with Shares Found: 0

This software is attempting to pass itself as a legitimate file sharing program. But it's really a super user friendly hacking program. Once into a computer you can both recieve and place files and folders on a computer. That's all you need to fuck shit up really. It scans on ports 139 and 445, so block those via a firewall (if they're not allready) asap.

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09:14 am - Family Guy Back in 2005
One of the best written comedy shows I've seen, Family Guy, will be coming back to mainstream media in 2005. Fox has signed a deal with the creater, Seth McFarlane, to do as many as 35 new episodes starting in January. It's freakin awesome.

Here's my source

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April 3rd, 2004

09:48 pm - I want to listen to new music damnit
Here's a post I recently posted to the lj community find_new_music:
(I'm posting it because I'm trying to get as many suggestions as I can)

I'm ALWAYS looking for new music to listen to. There's never a shortage of new music, just good new music. So, I was thinking that maybe if I put a short list of what I liked and didn't like someone cool could take 5 minutes out of their busy schedule and lead me in a decent direction:

Behind a cut due to the listsCollapse )

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March 27th, 2004

09:34 am
I found an interesting communtity, called Word_I_am_hardWord_I_am_hard and I wanna be a bad ass so I filled out their application so check it outCollapse )

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March 26th, 2004

09:14 pm
This is ripped directly from my subprofile in Speshil ElimpicsAIM

It's really hard to not dress like a tool sometimes. Unless you're a flamer, a wannabe bad azz, an insanely huge social outcast geek, or a po-dunk tazmanian devil sportin dude then it's really hard not to dress
like a tool. But I'm not a tool, I do think for myself, I'm into things that are somewhat origional and not overly commercialized, I am not motived soley on short-term goals, and I have a very good sense of self and stay true to that 99.9% of the time. So I guess this is really a message for all of you drving shoe wearin, music artist immatatin, street talkin, bandana wearin, cargo sweatpant sportin, eyebrow piercin, strut walkin guys that have no real sense of self. You suck. Because there's so many of you, you're flooding the stores with the stupid shit you war. Then because I'm not a duche bag I buy some of it, most likely the stuff you'd never touch because it's not "gangsta" enough. But maybe someday you could take a deep breath and "stop frontin yo" and stop bein such a fuck tard and get your own identity, and that's not what you think Eminem would be like if he were livin with his mom. Stupid fucks are ruining it for everyone.

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March 24th, 2004

12:38 pm - I GOT A NEW JOB!!!
Wicked awesome. Wicked freakin awesome. Wicked freakin super awesome.

I got a job as a software support engineer at Trio Software, a Maine based software company. It's something that's right up my ally, something I could potentially make a career of. I'm so happy. It's great. Such a huuuuuuge relief. I start tomorrow at 8 am sharp.


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